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You will find information and easy download links on this page with 64-bit Mozilla. These programs are developer versions, you can download, try but there is no official support for them. The most important 64-bit Mozilla application is, of course, the 64-bit Firefox. You can always download the most updated version, and also the older versions, from this page. You can only install the 64-bit Firefox on 64-bit Windows vista/7/8 operating systems.

  • Version: 38.0b8 (64-bit Beta 8)
  • Date: 2015-04-27
  • Size: 39.39 MB
  • File Name: firefox-38.0b8.en-US.win64.installer.exe
  • Freeware

    md5: 57ac266d85196b03f0d2a5ff70b0db2b
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Firefox 64-bit versions

VersionFilename and DownloadSizeDate
34.0a1 firefox-34.0a1.en-US.win64-x86_64.installer.exe 37.43 MB 2014-07-22
35.0a1 firefox-35.0a1.en-US.win64-x86_64.installer.exe 40.30 MB 2014-09-02
36.0a1 firefox-36.0a1.en-US.win64-x86_64.installer.exe 40.63 MB 2014-10-13
37.0a1 firefox-37.0a1.en-US.win64-x86_64.installer.exe 41.41 MB 2015-01-12
38.0a1 firefox-38.0a1.en-US.win64.installer.exe 40.19 MB 2015-02-23
39.0a1 firefox-39.0a1.en-US.win64.installer.exe 41.07 MB 2015-03-30
38.0a2 firefox-38.0a2.en-US.win64.installer.exe
39.71 MB 2015-03-30
37.0b7 firefox-37.0b7.en-US.win64.installer.exe
40.52 MB 2015-03-20
40.0a1 firefox-40.0a1.en-US.win64.installer.exe     (Nightly) 41.43 MB 2015-04-20
39.0a2 firefox-39.0a2.en-US.win64.installer.exe     (Dev.) 40.44 MB 2015-04-20
38.0b8 firefox-38.0b8.en-US.win64.installer.exe     (Beta 8) 39.39 MB 2015-04-27

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