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Download latest version of Firefox 64-bit (zip)

It is not possible to install the 64-bit Firefox in some cases. This can happen under older operation systems mostly. If that's the case it could be better to use the compressed version of the application.

  • Version: 31.0a1
  • Date: 2014-03-18
  • Size: 42.70 MB
  • File Name:
  • Freeware




Firefox 64-bit versions (zip)

VersionFilename and DownloadSizeDate
25.0a1 30.74 MB 2013-06-25
26.0a1 35.01 MB 2013-08-28
27.0a1 35.63 MB 2013-09-18
28.0a1 37.12 MB 2013-10-29
29.0a1 38.64 MB 2013-12-10
30.0a1 41.45 MB 2014-02-04
31.0a1 42.70 MB 2014-03-18
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